Custom professional stringing service

Your racket needs restringing. Yes, even if you think it doesn’t. Even if your racket isn’t visibly damaged.

Strings will go dead after a period of time, even if they’re not in use. They lose elasticity and the ability to absorb and dampen impact vibrations, which can contribute to issues like sore wrists and tennis elbow. The in-store staff have exceptional knowledge and can tell when your strings need chancing based on a number of different factors. These will include basic observations like the stings’ general appearance, ranging up to how the players game style and technique is affecting string wear. It may be the case that the customer could benefit from changing their string setup to improve the level of their play. This can only be determined by someone equipped with the knowledge of strings, stringing and the game in general: which our staff do. This is where our stringing serviced is second to none.

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